What Is Social Media Marketing?

Given that social media is such a huge part of the daily lives of billions of people, it is important to capitalize on this from both a business standpoint and a secondary affiliate marketing way. While affiliate marketing is a lesson for another day, let’s discuss how you can turn your social media efforts into traffic and sales.

While there are many strategies that can draw attention and subsequent traffic, social media marketing is usually most efficient through promotional efforts. Offering a promotion or a lure can draw people to a certain page on Facebook (or a likeminded site). Upon determining that they want the lure (free e-book, free online course from an expert, unbeatable promo code, etc.), they are going to click on a link that you have made easily accessible in your ad campaign.

When they are moved to a landing page on your website, use this opportunity to require a little bit of information (such as an email address) to access the lure you set in place. This gives you a steady stream of new contacts as well for email campaigns, another thing that will be discussed in a later post.

Ultimately, social media marketing can generate A LOT of traffic to your website. While you cannot guarantee that everyone who heads to your site is a conversion, the more traffic the better the odds become.

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