What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is another effective strategy that many companies are utilizing to try and pull in traffic (and ultimately sales as well). This type of ad might have the same kind of look and feel as one that you might find on a page of a social media business marketing campaign. The general idea for marketing through email is similar to promotional material that you will find in any internet advertisement with one distinct difference: they have already expressed an interest in your product or service.

Most of the successful marketing campaigns done through email are pushed out to people that have already expressed an interest in receiving information and promotional materials from your company or business when they signed up for something. This contact sheet for this type of outreach is usually comprised through a previous promotion through a website, social media page or something similar.

Within this email, you have to grip your reader immediately with a call to action that they would have a hard time not wanting to see. For retailers, dramatic price drops and clearance blowouts are commonplace choices. Utilize the full weight of HTML email design, offering a visually striking and commanding looking presentation. This high-quality presentation asserts to a reader that you are reputable and trustworthy.

A good way to spike the number of email addresses that you have is to run a discount promotion based on the number of friends that can be invited from a specific email address. The more that they are able to pull into signing up for your future promotions, the bigger their discount can be.

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