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This is becoming a common way for individuals to make money online, regardless if they are associated with a particular company or not. All that this approach requires from you is to have a website or a blog that you manage on a regular basis. From this hub, you are going to become a pivot point for the traffic you are bringing in to find their way to a product or company that you are associated with.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’d ask anybody from our team, they’d definitely do some affiliate marketing on the side of their online marketing and social network campaigns.

Affiliate marketing introduces a different kind of approach when it comes to building your brand, creating networks and better conversions.

Take a look at this infographic showing the power of affiliate:


If you’d want to know more about the process, here’s a quick guide for you.


Affiliate Marketing

Most people now have either social media accounts, weblogs or even both. With how the Internet is so accessible to many, it is then being used for many purposes. Two of them would be in relation to when you are to look for a business and when you are to do business yourself.

Supposing you aspire to earn an income but without having to set up a company, handle clients and all that, a field you should probably go for is affiliate marketing. It is a type of advertising where you will partner up with an established enterprise and promote the products and services that they offer.

For you to get to know more about this, an affiliate marketing for beginners guide is provided for you today.

  1. Establish your presence on the Web.


You are basically self-employed and so, you will have to build your own identity and reputation. This includes the web hosting and the domain name. Your home page design and its functions are important factors to consider as well.

  1. Choose a niche.


It is not required but it is indeed necessary for you to pick out a specific industry to commercialise. It could be fashion, home, merchandise – it is your freedom which you go for. You can opt for many different fields but what is advantageous about being particular is that there is a focus, which will then be like your identification.

  1. Look for merchants.


Now is then the time for you to search who to collaborate with. There are loads of companies that have affiliate marketing programmes and you can just go and register in them, more so if you are interested with the commodities they have. On top of that, you have to really check that as you transact with that business, there must be agreements with regards to payment and compensation.

The STM affiliate marketing guide is definitely one you should check out too, so that you will have an in depth look and a deeper understanding upon this matter.

Anyways, with the use of ads and banners appearing on your websites, you can effortlessly bring visits and leads to the merchant’s page. You can also do sponsored blog posts about any product or service that you aim to push for the time being – for example, their seasonal goods.


You have to know though that doing business online will not exempt you from paying taxes. Therefore, you should register early on the HMRC to avoid any complications and penalties. Paying for your National Insurance Contributions will be beneficial to you as well.

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Advice