What’s Affiliate Marketing?

This is becoming a common way for individuals to make money online, regardless if they are associated with a particular company or not. All that this approach requires from you is to have a website or a blog that you manage on a regular basis. From this hub, you are going to become a pivot point for the traffic you are bringing in to find their way to a product or company that you are associated with.

Ads are usually the most common way of doing this, and much of the work is actually taken out of the process and done automatically through services that you sign your website up with. Based on your statistical analysis of your average demographic and perceived target audience, ads are placed on your website to promote products that this target audience would be interested in learning more about. You are paid per click of that advertisement on the site.

Some more fortunate folks are able to develop more consistent partnerships with certain companies based on pairings from affiliate marketing services online. In this case, your website becomes less of a pivot point and more of a way to specifically advertise a product or service. These arrangements are more lucrative, but often require you to have more experience with advertisement construction and CTA (Call To Action) campaigns than the average site owner has.

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